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Vagabond Cruise 2017 Interest Survey

  • 15 Aug 2017
  • Northern Bay


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Vagabond Cruise 2017 Interest Survey

This year Gary Budesheim, our Vagabond Cruise captain has put together two cruises to the northern bay and beyond. What we would like you to do is let us know if you plan to go on the cruise and if so, which cruise holds the most interest for you. Based on your responses, we will put together the final plan and let you know by the middle of August where we are planning to go. Remember, this is the Vagabond Cruise! This means that you can join us when you can and leave when you must. Both cruises begin on Sept 09, and end two weeks later on Sept 24. Below are the outlines of the two plans. For more details see Cruise Details.

Cruise 1: On to Philadelphia

           Date Proposed Destinations 
Saturday, Sept. 9 Annapolis to Swan Creek Raft-up
Sunday, Sept. 10 Swan Cr. to Worten Cr. Marina
Monday, Sept 11 Enjoy Worton Creek
Tuesday, Sept 12  Worton Creek to Chesapeake
City (C&D Canal)
Wed, Sept 13 Visit Cheasapeake City
Thurday, Sept 14 Cheasapeake City to Philadelphia Marine Center
Friday, Sept 15 Visit Philadelphia
Saturday, Sept 16 Visit Philadelphia
Sunday, Sept 17 Visit Philadelphia
Monday, Sept 18 Philadelphia to Delaware City
Tuesday, Sept 19 Delaware City to Charlestown
Marina (North East)
Wed, Sept 20 Visit Charlestown
Thurday, Sept 21 Charlestown to Tidewater
 Marina (Havre de Grace)
Friday, Sept 22 Visit Havre de Grace
Saturday, Sept 23 Havre de Grace to Georgetown
Sunday, Sept 24 The End. Return to Annapolis
 Cruise 2: Great Northern Bay Circle
Date Proposed Stops
Saturday, Sept. 9 Annapolis to Swan Creek Raft-up
Sunday, Sept. 10 Swan Creek to Fairlee Creek (Great Oak Landing Marina)
Monday, Sept 11 Fairlee Creek to Worten Creek Marina
Tuesday, Sept 12  Enjoy Worton Creek
Wed, Sept 13 Worton Creek to Georgetown Marina
Thurday, Sept 14 Visit Georgetown
Friday, Sept 15 Georgetown to Cheasapeake City
(C&D Canal)
Saturday, Sept 16 Visit Cheasapeake City
Sunday, Sept 17 Cheasapeake City to Charlestown
 Marina (North East)
Monday, Sept 18 Visit Charlestown
Tuesday, Sept 19 Charlestown to Tidewater Marina
(Havre de Grace)
Wed, Sept 20 Visit Havre de Grace
Thurday, Sept 21 Havre de Grace to Tolchester Marina
Friday, Sept 22 Tolchester to Mears Grasonville
Saturday, Sept 23 Enjoy Grasonville
Sunday, Sept 24 The End. Return to Annapolis

Please register to show your interest in which cruise you would like to join. This is not a commtement to go on the cruise but simply a show of interest on your part. For the answers to any questions you may have, please contact Gary via email or phone.

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