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Harmony goes South

31 Oct 2011 8:01 AM | Jo Rys

Monday, October 31, 20011

HARMONY set sail after a one  day of  delay;  Skipper John, first mate Guy and chief cook and bottle  washer Jo were  under way on Monday October 31, 2011.  With the wind on the nose we motored to  Solomons all day.  The anchor was down at 6:15 just in time for sunset.  The crew thanked the Gods  that provided the enclosure!  Everyone enjoyed a romantic candle lite dinner for 3 of Rockfish, Shrimp, green beans and salad with homemade molasses cookies for desert. The exhausted crew retired at  10PM.

Tuesday, November 1, 20011

Harmony woke up to a chilly, sunshine day, left Solomons at 9AM, raised the sails and had following seas.  Sailed for a while but after a few hours decided to motor sail to make our anchorage on time.  We entered Jackson Creek with the sun going down in our eyes; it was like threading a needle.  Jackson Creek is located on the south side of Deltaville, lovely spot with about 10 or so boats anchored there. The crew had a great dinner of Shay’s Chili, salad, and molasses cookies for desert.  The night was quiet; the exhausted crew appreciated the very still night.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This lovely morning the crew and skipper too, woke to a very wet enclosure inside and out, had to get the windshield wipers (Guy and Jo working).  Took off at 8:30 leaving Jackson Creek facing East with the sun in the crew’s eyes  AGAIN, Harmony began threading the way out of Jackson Creek, the good news is a powerboat came by  and showed us the way to the bay.  What a relief to finally be in the bay and finally had a much warmer day we could take off some layers later in the day.  As Harmony got closer to Norfolk it was interesting to hear young men on the radio say this is the War Ship XXX we will be going out the Cut.   Harmony arrived at the Blue Water Marina, in Hampton VA, filled with fuel and took her slip.  The crew walked to the nearby shopping center for forgotten items and it felt good to stretch and walk great.   Showers were next order of business; even Harmony received a wash down by skipper John.  Fuel  for the crew at the one restaurant was appreciated, as was the warm heater in the boat because we were plugged in.  A night cap and some conversation with the crew and all retired.


  • 07 Nov 2011 1:47 PM | John Yates
    Great stuff. Please keep them coming. We all need the vicarious thrill!
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