"It's all about the people"


Day 16, Tuesday, November 15, 2011

15 Nov 2011 9:56 AM | Jo Rys

MM 464.5, Charleston Harbor SC

Shorts Day!!! YEA!!! When Guy and I took the van in to Charleston this morning it was very foggy; when we walked back to the marina almost a mile it was hot at 85 degrees.  We walked thru the Charleston straw market and some shops; Guy had his first taste of a Praline, I purchased a Charleston straw basket to use for fruit on Harmony’s table, just perfect for 3 apples and a few bananas.  After the good walk then the ¼ mile down the dock to the boat.  Had a snack and headed off to do laundry another ¼ mile. By the time I used up all my quarters John showed up and we bought a roll from the marina office (good suggestion Pam).

While we were shopping John was off to West Marine on the 11AM shuttle (you know we can’t keep the men out of there) and they give us a hard time about shopping. 

We said good bye to Guy, very, very sad, we all had a wonderful time for two weeks. Guy was great to have around helping with everything I am going to miss him. Tonight John and I are having salad and Shrimp simmered in olive oil, garlic and some herbs, trying to use up the stuff in the freezer, before we load up again next week. 

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