"It's all about the people"


Day 21, Sunday, November 20, 2011

20 Nov 2011 3:15 PM | Jo Rys

Charleston City Marina, South Carolina

We are finally getting to Church today!  Leaving at 10:15; the van will take us to town. 

We are back from church! for those of you who understand the Catholic church you will understand the Charleston Cathedral, High Mass, with incense, multiple servers and  1 1/2 hours long; the good news is it was air conditioned, a beautiful church and easy to get to. From there we went to the Charleston Market House (very crowded) and looked around.  I plan to do my Christmas shopping there.  Afterwards, we had lunch at Harris Teeter and picked up a few groceries. The van picked us up and we came back;  then did laundry and showers-- they are in the same building so it's good to do them at the same time. 

We dressed and took our ¼ mile walk to meet Ray & Brenda. We are walking so much I wake up with a Charley horse in my calves. We went to "High Cotton” a wonderful bar and restaurant down town on East Bay Street to see Patrick play with his band; Patrick is Ray and Brenda’s son.  The band was great, we had a wonderful time and the food was excellent! We are so sorry to see them go home they are lots of fun. 

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