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waiting for the fuel truck

03 May 2012 6:25 PM | Jo Rys

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Oriental, North Carolina MM180.0

After waiting for the diesel truck to arrive we manage to take off after a fill up, at 10:15AM. We had a smooth take off, backing out very calm and hot going up to 80degreees today; it was a little better when we got out in the Neuse River a little bit of air.  The Neuse is very long and not much to see but at least it is better that the last time we came thru here in the fall.  We had to move over for a barge being pushed by a tug because of a narrow channel but later on the wind picked up and we put up some sail, caught up him in open water and passed him. He chased us most of the day until we turned into Belhaven for the night, Found a nice anchorage and put down the hook.  Had leftovers for dinner and watched the sun go down, the Mosquitoes started, drove us inside. Did some home work for tomorrow’s travels and went to bed.

End of day anchorage Belhaven N.C.

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