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Commodore's Corner

On these pages, our Commodore will periodically share thoughts with the membership.  In October 2011 we switched from an "article" to a blog, which allows members to post comments and reactions to the Commodore's Corner.

  • 25 May 2017 6:29 PM | Tom Bernhart (Administrator)



    When you're hanging out in Eastport,

    What's the best that you could see?

    A boat, with a burgee, from BCYC.

    The club bears the name of a lovely creek,

    But where we go is where we meet.


    Members galore on a variety of boats.

    Captains and crews with all kinds of faces,

    Looking to drop anchor in special places.

    Open the chests and get out the food,

    Then a bottle or two to enhance the mood.


    Pleasant conversation and banter -- always first rate,

    Captains may look to recruit a first mate.

    Others may find their second or third.

    The real club value lies with its members,

    Fleet Captain, Treasurer and sometimes a Commodorable.

    And nothing we do can be called deplorable.

    So we move on from year to year,

    Being helpful and friendly with plentiful good cheer.

    BCYC now, -- BCYC later, see you later alligator. 

    Dave Brashears 2017


  • 10 Mar 2017 8:33 AM | Tom Bernhart (Administrator)

    At the last club function in 2016, the Christmas Happy Hour, I was given a binder, with an abstract picture of a boat in full sail under a bright sun.  On a cold winter night in January, I opened the binder, not knowing what to expect.  It contained a number of items of minor interest, such as bidding sheets for silent auction items, photocopies of payment checks, and contracts for club events held at hotels.
    Then I came to a title page that had a colorful club burgee, and the words, “Back Creek Yacht Club, History 2001 - 2007.  The following pages proved to be a treasure.  “In the Beginning..”  the founding of the club, year by year list of events, photos, names of officers, (some names very familiar to me, others whom I had no recollection of hearing), directories, calendars, even sadly, an obituary or two, and an occasional note of joy and enthusiasm written by a member about a particular event.  Sadly, the historical documentary ends abruptly after 2007.  Perhaps the club lost it’s historian, or perhaps the record on paper gradually drifted to a record in cyberspace.
    Curious, I dug deeper into the club website, and found a historical record there that also terminated about the same time.  I did find a photo of a handsome young Wally Stone speaking at an organizing meeting of the club in 2001.  Only a listing of club officers was found after 2007, until a plea from Commodore John Loving in 2012 for a volunteer to become club historian.  There the trail ends.
    With the Spring flowers come the Spring dreams of getting back on the water.  The flowers along the shores of the bay however have come too soon and too suddenly, and are being knocked cruel blows by the occasional March cold wave.  Much as have our dreams of getting on the water.  However, it can’t be far off, and before you know it our lucky brethren down south will start their annual migration back to the bay.  We look forward to being together again.  Safe boating on your return.
    Commodore Terry Bidnick

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