"It's all about the people"


Meet the Bridge ~ Officers 2020

    Commodore: Tom Bernhart

   Fleet Captain: Justin Tindale

    Vice Commodore: Tim Feldmann

Secretary: Patti Bartlett

    Rear Commodore:  Terry Bidnick

  Treasurer: Westbrook Murphy

Other Members Serving In Various Capacities

2020 Board Of Governors: Dave Brashears, Candy Wilson, Larry Awalt

                                            Gary Budesheim, Molly Stone, Marty Fischbach

Past Commodore: Ben Wilson


     Finance: Westbrook Murphy chair;  Jeanie Bidnick, Jae Hamilton, Sherry Render

     Membership: Laura Treuth chair; Leila Wagner, Norm Render, Larry Awalt

     Website: Bob Higginbotham chair; Norm Render, Gary Budesheim, Marty Fischbach

     Nomination: Colin Soucy


  • Lynn Egan,  Cruise Director
  • Gail Higginbotham, Social Director
  • Madi Yates, Social Director South
  • Bob Higginbotham, Webmaster
  • Norm Render, Assistant Webmaster
  • John Yates, Content Provider for SpinSheet
  • Betsy Beyer, Content Provider for PropTalk
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