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Commodore's Corner 2023

  • 21 Dec 2023 9:28 AM | Bob Higginbotham (Administrator)

    BackYackers and Peeps,

    At the end of another remarkable year at the Back Creek Yacht Club, it is with great pleasure and pride that I reflect upon the accomplishments and contributions of our event hosts and our esteemed membership. This year has been a testament to the passion, dedication, and unity that define BCYC. It’s all about the people - right JohnO?

    First and foremost, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our diligent and enthusiastic event hosts. Your commitment to organizing memorable events has truly set our club apart. Whether it was the Season Opener (thank you Patricia and John Paris), the Lobster Fest (thank you Norm and Sherry), or the Annual Meeting (thank you Rosie and Viola), your hard work and creativity made each occasion a success. Your tireless efforts have not only enhanced the experience for our members but have also strengthened the sense of community within our club.

    This year’s Gypsy Joe Spirit award went to Eileen Smith. Eileen has worked tirelessly to run our Silent Auction. Her efforts yielded significant and important revenues which support events and collateral extras such as tents for our major events. Those efforts reflect our BCYC membership spirit and willingness to get things done. Congratulations Eileen.

    Additionally, I want to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of each and every member of our yacht club. Our club is only as strong as the sum of its parts, and you, dear members, have exemplified this through your active participation, generosity, and seamanship. From volunteering your time and resources to mentoring fellow sailors, to promoting sustainability initiatives and fostering camaraderie, your collective efforts have shaped a vibrant and welcoming community that we are all proud to be a part of. But, what does it all mean?

    One of my corporate mentors (yes, I worked in corporate America for 33 years) stated that one should share a “war story” to engage your audience. So, here goes:

    Several years ago, I agreed to cook chickens at an event held at Lankford Bay Marina. Madi and I had recently discovered a terrific dry spice in St. Michael’s and I wanted to use it on the chickens. You may recall that there is a very large charcoal grill nearest the pavilion. I got the grill loaded with charcoal and as I was starting the grill, Richard Ross volunteered to assist. I had heard of his reputation as a great chef and was happy to have his assistance. As the fire settled down to a perfect glow, we added the chickens to the grill. Almost immediately, the aroma reached the membership and drove them crazy hungry. We flipped the chickens and the food was progressing right along as planned. Then, I grabbed the Special Shit (yes, “Special Shit”) that Madi and I bought in St. Michaels and started shaking a generous amount onto the chickens. Richard was aghast. He was like - “John, what are you putting on the chicken.” And, I said “Special Shit”. “What,” Richard exclaimed. “Please tell me what you are using. You know that I’m a serious chef. I really want to know what you are using.” And I kept insisting that I was using Special Shit from the Big Cock Ranch out of Texas. I told him that it was especially good on chicken. So, Madi got the bottle for him to see the label and sure enough it was Special Shit. Richard loved it. Soon the members were getting really hungry. They started lining up before the chicken was ready to serve. If I recall correctly, Otto was first in line followed by Richard Sanger. Richard Ross and I held our ground and when the chicken was finally finished, we served nearly three dozen chickens hot off the grill. It was a memorable event highlighted by our master chef’s response to our secret ingredient. You can’t make this shit up. Oh sorry. But, it was certainly a stand out “war story” from the BCYC archives. I hope you all will have your own stories to tell. It’s what makes this club so special.

    As we look forward to the coming year, let us continue to build upon these accomplishments, nurturing the spirit of collaboration and inclusivity that defines our club. Together, we will sail into a future filled with exciting adventures, new friendships, and shared experiences that will only strengthen the bonds that unite us.

    Thank you, event hosts, members, governors and officers for your dedication and passion. Here's to another year of sailing, friendship, and growth at the Back Creek Yacht Club!
    Fair winds and following seas.

    Past Commodore, JohnBoy
    2023 Commodore, Back Creek Yacht Club

  • 06 Apr 2023 3:14 PM | Bob Higginbotham (Administrator)

    Dear Members of Back Creek Yacht Club (BCYC) South,

    As we near the end of the 2022/2023 Winter Season, I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude for your continued support and membership. BCYC South was once merely a thought, but with Madi's visionary leadership and unwavering dedication, it has grown into a thriving entity in its own right.

    I am thrilled to report that 36 active BCYC South members, including Higginbothams, Kranzers, Lovings, Masons, Crowders, Falks, Soucy, Brownings, Martins, Sangers, Wilsons, Jamie and John, John and Jo, Bob and Vickie, Eileen, Harriet, Collins, Yates, and our newest members, the Duggans, with many participating in most of our 10 South events. This level of engagement demonstrates our members' commitment to our club and their eagerness to participate in its activities.

    As a backbone of BCYC South, the Wild Apricot hosted website provides us with essential communication tools, revenue collection services, and public-facing images and event pages that enhance our membership experience. These functions add value to our club and serve as social glue that helps us stay connected and grow stronger as a community. Our growing virtual yacht club has been a great success, as demonstrated by the success of our events.

    I am reminded of the pilots who, after a successful flight, thank passengers for choosing their airline by announcing on the cabin intercom, "Thank you for flying with United. We know you have a choice, so thank you for selecting us to be your carrier." As Commodore of BCYC, I extend similar gratitude to each and every one of our members, thanking you for choosing BCYC and BCYC South to be your yacht club.

    As we continue to grow and expand, I am excited for the future of our club and look forward to seeing more members participate in our events and contribute to the success of our community. Thank you again for your support, and I wish you all fair winds and smooth sailing as we head "up the creek" together.


    Commodore John

  • 31 Mar 2023 4:29 PM | Bob Higginbotham (Administrator)

    Hello Bak-Yakers,

    I hope you are ready for a terrific boating and event filled year with the Club.  Soon, all of the Floridian Snowbirds will arrive back in Maryland and are looking to show off their tans and get their boats launched. Marylanders will have had a head start. But, we all need to get ready for a full year of sailing and fun land events. BCYC South members have partied all winter and are totally ready for an Event packed year. Time for BCYC North members to get their party started. But, before the bottom paint goes on, don’t forget to iron your Tux and Gowns. 

    The Commodore’s Ball is on May 12th at the Chappelle’s Golf Club. It’s a surprisingly good location and has all that we need. Thanks to Chris and Jerry for making it happen. Gail Higginbotham, Rosie Cavin, Madi Yates, and Maureen Grizio have been putting together what should be a memorable evening.

    The season opener at John and Patti Paris's home on May 20th will be their first hosting event!  Join the BCYC in celebrating and supporting their hard work. 

    It will be a busy year for boating on the Bay, with a Circle Raft returning June 3rd to start off the Annual Cruise at Eagle’s Cove on the Magothy River. That combined with a week-long theme sets the stage for a lot of fun evenings. Short, easy runs to Baltimore Yacht Club, Rock Hall and Chesapeake Yacht Club round out the Annual Cruise and set the stage for the balance of the year. Let’s thank our Fleet Captain, Tim Nelson, in advance for calling marinas, planning and setting things up for us. “Thanks Tim.” And, if you haven’t called for reservations at the various marinas, you better get at it quickly.

    We’ll party, but we’ll do some club work too. In February, we conducted an Ideation session where members shared their most urgent “did you ever think about doing…” such and such. It was a lot of fun. It was done right and it proved to be quite valuable for the club. Throughout the year we’ll conduct regular Board of Governors meetings in order to keep the club on the straight and narrow. We’ll focus on new membership, finances and fun.

    Last but not least, please volunteer to host or co-host an event. The Club needs your enthusiasm and fresh ideas. In all you do, have fun, stay in touch and invite new members to join the fun. It’s all about the Peeps.



  • 01 Jan 2023 12:00 AM | Bob Higginbotham (Administrator)

    Welcome everyone to the 2023 Back Creek Yacht Club and all that the club symbolizes: camaraderie, friendship, structure, communication, education, activities, events, finances, a growing brand and so much more. The simple concept that our founders established to provide a virtual clubhouse that could keep their friends together has indeed become the social fabric of the Back Creek Yacht Club. It is all about the people.

    It’s an honor to have been elected to serve the Back Creek Yacht Club. As your Commodore, I’ll bring my marketing experience, creative problem solving and a strong sense of integrity to the job. And, as you know, my Commodorable won’t let me fail - right Madi?

    My first duty and obligation is to thank our immediate past Commodore, Tim Feldmann. Tim's tenure was one of steady guidance and effective leadership. He ushered in the post-covid era which is seeing fast growth and renewed interest in boating and our club. We welcomed 8 bundles and 16 new members in 2022. Great job Tim! We have budgeted for 5 more in 2023.

    I also wish to thank our 2022 officers and BOG members for their service while I thank in advance and introduce our new slate for 2023:

    Vice Commodore Norm Render
    Rear Commodore Larry Awalt
    Fleet Captain Tim Nelson
    Treasurer Court Treuth
    Secretary Carlos Mojica
    BOG Members: Pam Loving, Rosie Cavin, Dave Brashears, John Oberright, Eileen Smith, and Laura Treuth
    Membership Chair Mary Ross
    Cruise Director Gail Higginbotham
    Social Director [open]
    Social Director South Madi Yates
    Webmaster Bob Higginbotham

    Speaking of our Directors, Gail and Madi have great activities (both land and sea) lined up. They have all the experience needed to organize our 2023 calendar and the budget to make it work. But, they need your help. Please consider how to get involved with events, event planning and event hosting. We have great events with our Directors guiding our hosts every step of the way with venues, budgets, tips and contacts. So please contact Gail or Madi and let them know that you’d like to volunteer.

    I hope to see everyone at these events - both North and South. You have been getting event notices and you know how busy we are while having a great time. Great events are going to continue throughout 2023. Look at just some of what’s in store:

    Soucy’s Super Bowl Party South; Feldmann’s Chile Cook Off and now famous Crab Feast; Loving’s Florida Winter Celebration; Nelson’s Annual Commodore’s Cruise Chesapeake; Render’s Lobster Fest with the Flip, Flop and Drop breakfast; and so much more….Check out the BCYC Website for a list of events and the 2023 calendar. And please consider hosting an event.

    February 9th we’ll have a club-wide Ideation Meeting via Zoom to explore new ideas.  We’ll provide a fun platform and ideation rules so anyone with a great idea will be comfortable sharing. Caveat Emptor - we don’t evaluate ideas, we don’t shoot down the lame ducks, we move quickly on to the next idea. Our Secretary will document our ideas and we’ll have lots of time to revisit those ideas throughout the year. I hope you’ll join and please follow the rules. It’s not as easy as you might think.

    I also want to thank our Commodore’s Ball planners Gail, Rosie and Madi for planning this great event! The 2022 CB was held at the Oyster Cove Clubhouse. This year I am pleased to say that thanks to Jerry and Chris Chappell, we'll be at the Chartwell Golf and Country Club on May 12th.

    Finally, please look at how you can engage with the club. Whether you serve as an Officer, Chairperson, or Director or volunteering to HOST or assist in hosting an event we need you. This club only functions with contributions of all. And this is why we continue to be a great place to have fun both on and off the water.

    Thank you and remember “It’s All About the People!”

    Your Commodore,
    John Yates
    Commodore's Welcome Newsletter January 2023

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