"It's all about the people"




BCYC began in 2001 and has grown into a club some say is the best “virtual” Yacht Club on the Bay.  Join a great mix of sailors and power boaters for festive land and sea events in all seasons.  See the About Us tab to learn more or join us at one of our events.  Check out the other membership tabs to find our how to apply for membership.

BCYC welcomes new members who are enthusiastic about enjoying the beauty of the Bay.  The Membership Committee Chair is Laura Treuth.  If you are interested in learning more about the Club, the chair or a member of the committee will be happy to help you.  You can reach the Committee by email at membership info request

We offer memberships for individuals and families:

  • who are likely to be active, participate in land and sea events, and 'move up' through the ranks

  • who own boats (or have access to one) and who are geographically able to attend events throughout the year

  • who are willing to assist with planning and hosting events

  • who are part of the Chesapeake Bay boating community for a majority of the season, not just passing through the Bay for a month

  • who will be involved, not just pay their dues

  • who want to fully understand what BCYC is all about, and most importantly, who are fun and will bring positive energy

A BCYC membership is "dual," which means up to two people (for example, you and your spouse or you and your boat partner) are eligible to join under one membership.

First-time membership in BCYC requires an initiation fee of $150 and a yearly membership fee of $200, covering the period from January 1 through December 31.  If you sign up after July 1 of any given year, your annual dues are reduced to $100.  See the "New Member Application" tab for details. 

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