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Day 19, Friday, November 18, 2011

18 Nov 2011 7:07 AM | Jo Rys

 MM 464.5, Charleston City Marina

Not moving again today.  More boat work, took showers and met our mystery couple at the end of the dock.  We had a wonderful time at Pearlz down town with our mystery couple.  Very crowded, Happy Hour prices on drinks and appetizers.  We had oysters on the half shell, fried shrimp, fried oysters, and a bunch of others stuff I am not sure about after 2 glasses of wine.   From there we went to a hotel roof that was glassed in with heaters everywhere, some heaters' flames shot into the air in a tube, we had another drink and looked at the city lights, so lovely.  What a great evening!


  • 23 Nov 2011 6:14 PM | geraldine - Not on Tug!
    Sounds like you are having a wonderful time - especially with the mystery couple!!!
    It has turned very cold here and quite windy.
    Miss you!
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